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Company Name

米澄株式会社(Maisumi Inc.)


天空一丁目 - Sky1shop.com

Main business activities

Shopping proxy service
International shipping transfer


5,000,000 JPY


Date of Establishment

June 2017

Working hours

Monday through Friday excluding public holidays in Japan, 10:00 - 18:00(JST)

Our Goal

We are aiming at designing a fast and easy to use online system for customers to shop Japan without living in Japan. We have already overcome 2 obstacles: "cannot pay with an overseas credit card" and "seller does not support shipping overseas". We are going to make our web app more user friendly and let customers have smoother checkout process. No profit are made from the international shipping part in the past and we do not have plan to change it in the future. We try to make the total cost calculation as accurate as we can, so not only the payment times are reduced, but the efficiency of the whole process also increased significantly. From our statistics, 93% of applications are completed that the customer only paid once and order was placed within 24 hours. And yes, we say it again, we are working on improving our customer experience, making "Your Shopping Cart in Japan" easier, faster and you may receive the stuffs you bought a little bit earlier.

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Our Email Address is here.