Frequently Asked Questions

Please introduce your services

We offer 4 types of services:

  • Shopping Proxy: to help you buy items/products from Japanese Online Stores. Most of Japanese Online Stores do NOT support overseas Credit Cards and cannot ship overseas. For example, suruga-ya. So, you could use this service as an online shopping cart in Japan. Service fee starts at 300JPY(approx. $3) per URL.
  • Auction Proxy: it is very similar to "Shopping Proxy", but it is for auctions and mainly for YAHOO! Auction. However, you do not need to add funds to your account, you can contact us to increase your bid price. Service fee starts at 500JPY(approx. $5) per URL.
  • Convenience Store Payment & International Shipping Transfer: these services are for advanced users and cannot be explained in 2 or 3 sentences. Details here

What's the cost breakdown?

In general,

Total Cost = Item Price + Domestic shipping fee + Our service fee

The "Total Cost" is the amount you will pay to us.

Different types of service have different minimum service fee and different service fee rate.

For details, please visit relevant application page by clicking at the bottom-right.

Details are explained on those pages but we suggest you to use the cost estimation function. The Total Cost will be calculated instantly.

Note: if you bought items by yourself or from other websites/services, 500JPY per package are charged for International Shipping Transfer.

How to pay?

We are using the Paypal Payment Gateway.

  • If you do not have Paypal account but have Credit Card, you can still pay via Paypal Payment Gateway without registering a Paypal account.

What's the payment currency?

Answer: JPY - Japanese Yen.

Our website shows something like Total Cost in USD, that's because we just want to give you a concept of how much it is in USD.

We are using a daily updated exchange rate to calculate this amount. The exchange rate we use may be slightly different from Paypal's rate.

Paypal will do the conversion for you during the payment process, so actually, you will pay in your currency.

What's the international shipping method?

We offer 5 international shipping methods:

  • EMS
  • Air Mail
  • Economic SAL
  • Printings
  • Letters

No matter what method you choose, items are shipped directly to your address with Tracking Number.

Some may not available depending on the destination country.

Note: "Pick Up" is NOT available.

Can I pack my items and send them together?

Yes, you can. You can even pack the items bought from other websites/services.

So you can save on International shipping.

This action could be done in "Warehouse", you can simulate it in "Warehouse", too.

How long can I store my items in Warehouse?

We offer a 30-day free storage. If your item exceeds this period, 500JPY are charged per item per week. Details here.