TWO Special and Unique Services

If you are not familiar with or never heard of these 2 kind of services, please read the content below carefully.
These services are ideal for "High Level" buyers who want to have a self-help typed shopping experience.

Convenience Store Payment

As the service name implies, we will go to a real Convenience Store to Pay for you. So, why do you need that?
In some case, ordering special stuffs such as fan club membership, a concert/show ticket may require you to provide to much personal information to us. This may be harmful to your privacy.
But with this service, you can choose "Pay in a Convenience Store" rather than Credit Cards(most payment system in Japan does not support Overseas Credit Cards) and only tell us something like the "Payment Numbers".
So we just pay the bill and have no interest in what you are ordering.
Tips: most payment system in Japan support "Convenience Store Payment". You can use this trick on, suruga-ya, YAHOO Auction, etc.

International Shipping Transfer

This service can be combined with our Convenience Store Payment Service.
For an instance, when you joined a fan club, they need you to provide them an address in Japan to receive some stuffs only available to club members.
You can use the Transfer Address we prepared for you and you will be notified when we received those stuffs.
Tips: you can also fill this address on, suruga-ya, etc. So you can shop by yourself.

In summary, there are TWO Obstacles when you shop Japanese Online Stores, the "Can't pay" and "Don't have address". The 2 special and unique services above aim to overcome those obstacles.
Thank you for reading and we hope you could get some hints.