1. Free Storage Period is 30 days. In this period, status of item in Warehouse page is "Not Expired".
  2. The start date of the item is the day when we receive it.
  3. If an item has exceeded this period, extra fee 500JPY is charged per item ID per week(as 7 days). The number of weeks is calculated by ceiling function. For example, 10 days are counted as 2 weeks.
  4. If an item has exceeded this period, status of that item in Warehouse becomes "Expired". You need to contact us actively to pay the extra fee. You cannot send that item before paying the extra fee.
An item is considered as abandoned if any of the following conditions below are satisfied.
  • Item has already exceeded the Free Storage Period for more than 60 days.
  • The extra fee you need to pay is more than the price(you actually paid amount) of that item.
Note: when an item is considered as abandoned item,
  • the ownership of that item is transferred to our company, which means we have the entirety of powers of use and disposal of that item.
  • we do not have responsibility to manage or provide the item's information any more. The record of that item may be deleted from Warehouse page permanently.